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What is Symmetrical Center of Rotation Estimation (SCoRE)?

Symmetrical Center of Rotation Estimation (SCoRE) is an optimization algorithm that uses function calibration frames between a Parent and Child segment to estimate the Center Point of Rotation. The Parent and Child segments are expected to be rigid, these can either use Rigid Cluster or Skin Based Markers + OSCT processing.

The main value of this operation is to provide a more repeatable Hip Joint center location. SCoRE locates the joint center only, Kinematic and Kinetics are still calculated by a Full Biomechanical Model (ie Plug-in Gait).

The SCoRE method has been implemented in Nexus 2.

Research Publication: Rainald M. Ehrig, William R. Taylor, Georg N. Duda, Markus O. Heller. A survey of formal methods for determining the centre of rotation of ball joints. Journal of Biomechanics 39 (2006) 2798–2809