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What is the total sampling rate of the Analog ADC Card on a Lock Lab, Lock+ and Giganet Lab?

The analog ADC card is a 64-channel device for generating 16-bit offset binary conversions from analog sources. The input impedance is 1 MΩ. The data sampling frequency is common to all channels; while it is independent of the camera frame rate, it is affected by the camera frame rate specified in Nexus. The maximum rate at which you can sample data via the ADC card is 192,000 samples/second (192 KHz).

No. of Channels
Max. Capture Frequency (KHz)
1 192
4 48
8 24
16 12
32 6
64 3
  • Each channel has a programmable gain, which can be set to +/- 10 volts, +/- 5 volts, +/- 2 .5 volts, or +/- 1.25 volts