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What Variables Can Affect A System’s Performance, and How Can I Maximize the Effectiveness of my System?

Optical motion capture systems are complex. The resolution and quality of the cameras and lenses themselves, the calibration process, the object and the software tracking algorithms all play a important part in the quality of the data.

In addition to these, environmental factors can influence the measurements, such as the size and shape of the capture volume, the physical shape and movement of the object being measured, or the mounting of cameras and the physical structure they are mounted to.

For an example, this paper [P4, Figure 4] demonstrates the movement of a camera mount over a 24 hour period as measured by a laser measurement device, showing the difference in movement between an internal and external wall mounting.

This method is focused on the positional tracking of rigid bodies. Other variables may be involved in other applications, such as biomechanics, such as marker movement when attached to the skin, which may introduce additional errors.

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