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Why is my Blue Thunder sensor not connecting to Vicon Nexus?

To connect Blue Thunder IMU sensors in Vicon Nexus, ensure that:

    • The operating system is Windows 10 (64-bit)
    • Nexus 2.7 – Nexus 2.9.3
    • The sensors are connected to the Bluetooth in Microsoft Bluetooth & other devices


In Vicon Nexus, if the sensor is unable to connect, an error message will be displayed in the log if:

    • you have previously paired the IMU sensor with another PC,
    • the sensor firmware is out-of-date,
    • have recently updated the sensor firmware,


To clear the Bluetooth cache:

  1. In Microsoft Bluetooth & other devices, select the IMU sensor and remove the device.
  2. Open Lightning Desktop
  3. On the first time of using the application, download the CP210x USB to UART Bridge VCP Drivers:
  4. Turn on the IMU sensor and plug in via USB.
    Note that only two sensors can be connected at one time.
    The IMU sensor number is displayed.
  5. Select Clear Bluetooth and then select Clear all devices.
    This clears the Bluetooth cache on the IMU sensor.
  6. Reconnect the IMU sensor in Microsoft Bluetooth.
  7. Open Vicon Nexus and connect the IMU sensor.
    The sensor is connected.