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What does it mean to ‘Aim Cameras’ in Nexus?

Aiming cameras is useful for providing an initial, approximate calibration, before you fully calibrate the cameras.

To utilize Aim Cameras you will want to have your cameras roughly positioned within the volume.  Create a Target Volume, from the Window > Options, with the dimensions of the ideal capture volume.  Once configured, place the wand in the center of the capture volume and go to a camera view.

While in the Aim Camera mode, physically move the Vicon camera in the capture volume and check its coverage against the Target Volume.

Please Note: The Target Volume within the camera view will only be displayed if all 5 wand markers are visible.  Thus the camera might need focusing in order to circle fit the wand markers.

For step by step instructions with visualizations on this process, please refer to the Aim Vicon Cameras section of the installed Nexus help.