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Where can I download HASP4 drivers?

Obtain the latest HASP4 dongle drivers here: HASP4 Download 

There are 2 choices here: A GUI based installation package, or a command line based package. Either will work, but the command line package is a bit more complicated.

Instructions for the GUI installation:

1. Remove any connected HASP keys.

2. Download, the .zip file, extract, and run the setup installer.

3. Follow onscreen prompts.

4. Reconnect HASP. USB HASP keys should be detected as new hardware. Windows will locate the driver, and you’ll get a message “Your device is ready for use”.

Instructions for the command line installation:

Once downloaded you should extract both the ‘hinstall.zip’ and the ‘DiagnostiX.zip’ to the ‘Vicon| Hasp’ directory on the PC. Next, to install the drivers carry out the following;

1. Open a command-line window using the ‘Start| Run| Type: cmd| OK’.

2. Access the ‘Vicon| Hasp’ directory using ‘cd Vicon Hasp’ or the appropriate path for the directory on your PC.

3. At the command prompt type exactly:

  • Hinstall.exe -i -ct=IBM -cnt=YES
  • A dialogue will appear stating: ‘HASP Device Driver Install Utility – Please Wait…’ followed by: ‘Aladdin Device Driver Installation Utility for Win32 – The operation was completed successfully.’

To check that this has been successfully installed:

1. Unzip the ‘DiagnostiX.zip’ to the ‘Vicon| Hasp’ directory on the PC as instructed above

2. Double-click the resulting ‘diagnostix.exe’ to run the installer.

3. Check the driver version under ‘System Info| Dongle Drivers and Services| HASP Drivers’.